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Searching for vegetarian recipes often includes ethnic food. To Americans, ethnic food is foreign; or least an American minority group. Traditional Thanksgiving menus come to mind when thinking of American Food.

McDonalds and Starbucks are American restaurants that started here. Outside of the U.S., they are considered American food.

Taco Bell is considered Mexican in the U.S., but hardly compares to the traditional food served in Mexico.

You Can Choose Your Ethnic Group

Ethnic food is food that members of a group consider as their own; and outsiders would agree. Various ethnic groups are identified by a country with regional differences within the country.

Italian cooking may have similarities, but Italy became a nation in 1850. Each region of Italy changes the recipes to match the climate, availability of specific food / spices, and their set of cooking traditions.

An ethnic group is a social category and ultimately you can choose your ethnic identity. The Food and Travel Networks often sate that new "fusion" of tastes occur when people migrate into new ares. Vegetarian recipes usually don't change to include meat tho.

Water Crops

Ethnic Foods and Traditional Culture

Many cultures survive by way of their ethnic food traditions. Norweigens eat lots of fish- just look at the country and you can see the long coast line. But, even in Norway, many traditional Norweigen recipies are made only during the holidays. Mechanized farming hasn't arrived in parts of Asia where traditional ways continue.

Humans have 5 different tastes:

  • Sweet- almost always comes from a type of simple sugar

  • Sour - caused by the taste of acids such as vinegar- and helps to stimulate the taste buds

  • Salty - taste of alkali metal ions- sodium or potasium

  • Bitter - sharp pumgent taste

  • Umami - savory, meaty & rich flavor in salmon and mushrooms

  • By taking the same ingredients, a cook can specific spices and flavors to mimic different ethnic foods. Vegetarian recipes can be ethnic or regional and are easily changed.

    Favorite Ethnic Foods

    Here is a list of my favorite ethnic cuisines:

  • Italian

  • Greek

  • Mexican/Latin

  • Asian

  • Cajun

  • French

  • Middle Eastern

  • Thai

  • I'm sure some are missing- what about Peruvian? Are there Peruvian Vegetarian Recipes? Check back as I investigate what makes Italian food different from Chinese food.

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