A Smart Vegetarian Eats Healthy

What is a Smart Vegetarian?

Breaking it down to Smart: and adjective meaning clever, showing intelligence and mental alertness; and Vegetarian: not eating meat or fish, eats veggies, fruits, grains and seeds and usually eggs and dairy (nothing with a face).

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Identify Smart Vegetarian healthy lifestyle choices to become the person you want. Make time to learn about nutrition. The journey I'm on is to find out what my body needs to feel great.

I love carbs...morning, noon, and night. But, I feel sluggish and my body isn't happy. Pasta, potatoes, rice, bread..yum. My journey involves finding other foods to make me HAPPY!

Your body needs all the food groups; making a commitment to feed your body healthfully involves effort in planning. Healthy ingredients cooked with BPA free healthy cookware starts with easy vegetarian recipes.

Meatless eating has health benefits, but not if you eat french fries every day. Eating veggies, fruits, and whole grains, your calorie intake will naturally fall on it's own. No need for counting calories, phone apps or websites.

But, keep in mind that sometimes you can restrict food to the point of not eating enough. It takes a larger quantity of fruits, veggies, grains and dairy to support a healthy body that doesn't eat meat. The vegetarian food pyramid replaces animal products with other proteins such as dairy, seeds, and beans.

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The importance of eating enough calories can't be under estimated. Eat a variety of food from all parts of the color wheel.

Everyday healthy meals require easy recipes and easy cooking techniques. Smart Vegetarians are healthy and eat responsibly! Weight loss the smart way!

Flip your idea about meal planning. Instead of thinking "What meat do I have thawed", flip it to "What type of food do I want".

Think "Pizza" instead of "Sausage"Think "Stir Fry" instead of "Chicken"

Planning ahead makes meal planning easier and makes you eat better. Because most people eat beef, chicken, and/or fish, you have to decide to not eat meat.

That decsion may come quickly or gradually; you may be young or old. But, you are worth it. Teen vegetarians need extra guidance in nutrition and menu planning

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Becoming a Vegetarian

Do you have a great story about your personal journey to becoming a vegetarian? Why did you change your eating habits? What kind of vegetarian are you and why? Was the change difficult? easy? Share your journey.

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