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How to Combine Salad Fixins

Farmers Market

Salad recipes can provide unlimited variations. Choose certain ingredients and you have an Asian variation or Mexican, or Greek...

For some reason, I never get tired of them. One day a little feta and olives, the next black beans and corn. Somedays I need to clean out the fridge and my salad has a little bit of everything- don't know what to name it, just clean out the fridge salad! It's never dull and always colorful.

Don't forget some cold pasta or quinoa or rice. The whole grains will keep you going for the rest of the afternoon.

Some Rules to Think About Before You Start

1. Don't mix fruit and veggies. It seems to cause digestive problems.
2. Use the freshest ingredients. Buy organic whenever possible.
3. Wash everything first. Gently wash greens in a bowl of water, then lift out gently.
4. Dry your ingredients so that the dressing can hold on.
5. When using a salad spinner for the greens, do a little at a time and don't cram them in.
6. Cover 3/4 of your plate with the greens, then add the rest.
7. Mix and match for unlimited variations!

Leafy greens are a key component in healthy diets. They're rich in minerals, vitamins and calcium, and can help control inflammation and promote digestive health.

Greens aren't a side dish anymore!Nava Atlas' 125 creative recipes for using collards, bok choy, arugula and other greens, proves there are more ways to enjoy them than in just salads and sautés.

Leafy Greens Protein Veggies Sweet Healthy Oil
iceberg lettuce eggs green onions pear avocado
spinach feta cheese garlic dried cranberries olive oil
kale blue cheese onion raisins olives
romaine gouda red onion strawberries
arugala black beans bell pepper mandarin orange
cabbage kidney beans corn apple
mixed greens pecans tomatoes seedless grapes
bibb lettuce walnuts mushrooms blueberries
endive kidney beans carrots candied walnuts
radicchio garbanzo beans cucumbers candied pecans

Pick one or more from each column. Watch your fats when adding dressing. Leafy recipes for all year (ok cabbage isn't exactly leafy)

Check out your local Farmer's Market for the freshest ingredients. Make sure you can eat it all in the next few days. I tend to buy EVERYTHING - beautiful colors, wonderful shapes. Don't get carried away, it's nice to have a variety, but don't let it spoil.

If my list is missing your favorite ingredient, send me a note on the form below.

Southern Living Ultimate Cookbook

Best Vegetarian Recipes

Share your best vegetarian recipes. Recipes can be a simple side dish or a more complex main course. Include a picture!

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