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Who Needs a Tanning Booth When You have Broccoli

Eat healthy for healthy skin


Eat Healthy. This personal affirmation is in the top 10 on everyone’s wish list. Eating a more plant based diet has many benefits- as seen by the many blogs, books, magazines and TV shows.

I’m flattered when my husband says that he eats much healthier since we met. He still indulges in too much sugar, but he eats his veggies too. Your body just feels better.

Research Proves You Look Wonderful

The University of St Andrews researchers discovered that increasing your fruit and vegetables by just two servings per day will change your skin tone in six weeks. Who doesn’t want skin that glows, instead of gray and lifeless. And, the subjects were rated as more attractive than those who ate fewer servings.

As always, everything in moderation. Eat a variety of fruits andvegetables, but eat them more often. Your body not only feels better, works better, and now we know it looks better! Appealing to your vanity may improve your health. Another motivational tool.

Watch Your Carrot Portions

Bunch of Carrots

The report states fruits and vegetables. If you eat too many carrots or other vegetables with high quantities of beta carotine, such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, squash, spinach and mangoes, you skin will look more yellow or orange. This is a temporary condition and harmless, but no so attractive.

The answer is to not just load up on these veggies, but spread the goodness around. One carrot (7 inches long) has 1,276% of your suggested amount of vitamin A.

Instead of a tan, eat more fruits and vegetables. What a great slogan.

“We hope that by highlighting the rapidly achievable benefits of a healthy diet on our attractiveness will be a stronger incentive for people to eat more healthily. Knowing you are going to look more attractive in a few weeks may be more persuasive than the promise of health benefits later in life."

Ross Whitehead, St. Andrews

Becoming a Vegetarian

Do you have a great story about your personal journey to becoming a vegetarian? Why did you change your eating habits? What kind of vegetarian are you and why? Was the change difficult? easy? Share your journey.

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