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Why Become Vegetarian?
Why Change Your Life?

Child Eating Watermelon

There are many reasons to change your diet and change your life. Why become vegetarian- a smart vegetarian?

Do you want health, energy and vitality?

Are you concerned about environmental issues, and the human conflicts, hunger, and disease.

Do you love animals and appreciate their beauty and long to protect them?

Would you like to deepen your spiritual understanding of life and move toward inner peace?

Cut down on fat

Why become vegetarian? Because your gallbladder will thank you for reducing fatty foods. Saturated fats from animal protein, egg yolks, shellfish and full-fat dairy products may increase inflamation in your body. These fats may intensify arthritis symptoms.

A plant based diet provides health benefits in the prevention and treatment of many dieases. Avoiding meat is one of the best and simplest ways to cut down on your fat consumption

  1. Lower cholesterol levels because cholesterol comes from animal products
  2. Lower blood pressure and lower body mass index from weight loss
  3. Decreased risk for heart diesase and cancer- higher fiber
  4. Control and prevention of diabetes without drugs

Eating red meat -- including beef, pork, lamb, ham, hot dogs, sausage,
and bacon -- may increase the risk of stroke.

According to a study at Warsaw Univerisity in Poland, each one-serving-per-day increase in fresh or processed red meat was associated with an 11% to 13% increase in the risk for strokes. I wonder if the opposite is also true; reducing red meat one serving per day reduces the risk of stroke by 11%-13%?

Vegetarian Athletes

Stepping on a Scale

Many of the world's most successful athletes don't eat meat. Why become vegetarian? Joe Namath said "you don't need to eat meat to play football" and Dave Scott won 6 Iron Man competitions as a vegan. Mike Tyson is now vegetarian and hasn't lost his srength.

The American Dietetic Association states that vegetarian or vegan diets are appropriate for all life stages from growing children to active athletes.

It's possible to get enough protein protein from beans, lentils, tofu, soy, seeds and nuts. Vegans should take B12 and calcium supplements.

I became interested in "flipping" my meal planning habit gradually. Eating meat was ingrained in my daily habit. Meat and taters- my dad's idea of vegetable was canned corn or peas.

As you get older, health may be of more concern. Why become vegetarian - athletes and movie stars say that going meatless makes them healthier and skinny!

Reduce the world's food shortage

Bread and Soup

It takes 16 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef. Livestock eat 70% of all the grain we grow, and the U.N. calculates that meat production takes up more than 50% of the world's agricultural capacity.

If we eat plants, vegetables, fruits, and nuts instead of meat, the world's food shortage will disappear. Why become vegetarian? To help feed the world.

Raising fewer animals may reduce infectious disease. An MSNBC article states that 75% of new infectious diseases originate from animals. Of these 61% can be transmitted between animals and humans.

The next pandemic may come from animal to human; not necessarily from eating animals, but from living closely with animals. The less animals raised for food, the less likely diseases will be transmitted.

Spiritual Reasons to be Vegetarian

Vegetarianism and religion are strongly linked in many religions. Hinduism and Buddhism started in ancient India. Seventhday Adventist don't eat meat. The Torah describes vegetarianism as an ideal. Even Christianity prohibits cruelty to animals, and Jesus taught love, compassion and mercy.

Most of us could not commit the actions necessary to make our chicken sandwich from "scratch". Unless you grow up on a farm or work at one of the factory farms, we are distanced from the act of killing. Yet if we need this distance in order to continue our habits, how fair is it for us to continue those habits?

"The most important part of vegetarianism is the real shift in consciousness that takes place. There is a true correlation between our food choices and violence in the world. The only person who would disagree with that is a meat-eater"

Peter Burwash, Davis Cup Winner

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  • Becoming a Vegetarian

    Do you have a great story about your personal journey to becoming a vegetarian? Why did you change your eating habits? What kind of vegetarian are you and why? Was the change difficult? easy? Share your journey.

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