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Sleep More = Weight Loss

Step on a Scale

Use this excuse to take a nap. More sleeping means weight loss! I'm not sure how to relate this to a vegetarian life, but what the heck. Go Ahead! Take a Nap!

I realized that when I'm tired, I have no will power. Comfort food beckons. Mindless eating usually follows me on groggy days. There! I knew I could related almost anything to food!

A little sugar, a little caffeine. Then, your blood sugar drops and you are off to the kitchen. And, these aren't smart calories.

Medical studies have shown the link between lack of sleep and weight gain. Health Day News says “People who don't get enough sleep consume more calories and may be more likely to become obese.” The group who got 80 minutes less shut eye, also ate 549 more calories per day. The extra calories consumed to keep you going also help to put on weight.

The pressures of modern life leave most of us with little down time. Dr. Andrew Calvin at the Mayo Clinic found that "28 percent of adults now get six or fewer hours of sleep per night"

Remember the Freshman 15?

Bored at the Computer

Poor habits don't allow your body time to rest and to rebuild lost energy. Mindless eating and too much caffeine and sugar are how many of us got through college! Eating unhealthy food in an attempt to gain instant energy also makes you gain weight. Drowsiness, lack of concentration, fatigue and increased irritability are just some of the effects. Unless you sleep more, leafy greens just won't do it.

Another research study also found that people who sleep: 6 hours per night are 23% more likely to gain weight

  • 5 hours per night are 50% more likely to be obese

  • 7-9 hours creates no relationship between the amount of sleep and weight gain.

  • Hormonal Changes are the Main Cause

    It seems to be backwards to think that you loose weight by doing nothing. It's not all about physical activity. Your body isn't doing nothing. You burn 60-65% of your calories while sleeping.

    Your body produces two hormones that help to regulate eating leptinand ghrelin. Leptin is a hormone that tells your brain to stop eating, and it is released by your fat cells. Ghrelin tells your brain to keep eating,and your stomach produces it. These two hormones work together to keep your weight steady. And you thought you could control whether to finish off that super size portion or not.

    Researches found that those who sleep less have lower leptin levels and higher ghrelin levels and therefore you eat more. This combination increases your appetite if you don't sleep more.

    Your brain takes the low leptin level to mean starvation and boosts your hunger and slows down metabolism. The result is that you gain weight without eating any additional food. Sleep More = Weight Loss!

    Loose Weight

    If you are following a healthy diet plan and reach a plateau, look at your normal sleep habits. Sleeping more may be the key to weight loss. That groggy feeling weighs you down. More sleep will keep you feeling rejuvenated and "lighter"!

    Do you need help? Instead of taking pills, try these foods:

  • Bananas are a source of the nutrient magnesium, which helps in the relaxation of the muscles.

  • Honey is found to deactivate the hormone Orexin which keeps our brains alert.

  • Chamomile Tea acts like a mild sedative and calms and relaxes our restless mind and tired body.

  • Try to stop eating 3 hours before bedtime. Eating your big meal just before sleep is a bad habit. Although you may feel sleepy after a big meal, it's better to let it digest before sleep.

    Well, time for my nap!

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