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Survey Your Garbage to See What Comes in Plastic

Plastic Bag Around Bird

Plastic free living challenges the most principled members of the green movement. Mostly plastic free may help you to overcome feeling overwhelmed.

Start with the big things. What is in your garbage can? Food packaging is the biggest potential impact on your immediate health.

Maybe it's time to slow down. Eat breakfast at home and not out of plastic fast food containers. Lunch on real plates with real silverware even tastes better than using plastic forks. Single use plastics live forever in our landfills.

BPA Dangers Found In Every Part of World

Hormone-disrupting bisphenol A (BPA)is found in most plastics. Use less plastic.

Researchers are still learning about the ways that bodies take in BPA, but the main exposure is thought to be through eating food or drinking water that was stored in or passed over BPA-containing plastics.

  • BPA is used in many different kinds of products, including:
    • Water bottles and baby bottles that are made of polycarbonate plastics,
    • Toys,
    • Water supply pipe linings in both homes and commercial establishments,
    • Food can linings,
    • Medical devices,
    • Dental sealants,
    • Cash register and ATM receipts.

    Rule #1 Never heat up food in any kind of plastic. Although some plastics are BPA free, it may be easier to just not do it. Have you ever heated up your left-overs from that wonderful restaurant and found the syrofoam melted into your food!

    Rule #2 Instead of slipping that 1/2 bell pepper into a zip-lock bag, make double the meal and store in a glass container. This cuts down your meal prep time, makes sure that the little bit of bell pepper doesn't end up in the garbage, and saves on one more zip-lock bag in the landfill and in your food.

    Plastic Forks

    Living a plastic free life takes time. You will be amazed at how much of your life is affected by plastic. Start with elimating plastic that touches your food. Freezing food in plastic is OK if you wrap it in wax or butcher paper first; then place in reusable plastic container. Aluminum foil also works, be careful to not puncture it or you will have freezer burn.

    Drunken Cherries! Sounds yummy! This will be my first canning project this fall. You can find the recipe / instructions on page 157 in Put 'em Up!!: A Comprehensive Home Preserving Guide for the Creative Cook.

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