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Just the Nutrition Facts Please

Check List

*So,what are the nutrition facts?

*I'm so confused!

*Oh,great! What does that mean?

*Just tell me what to eat!

*Don't look at what I'm eating!

*I hate veggies! But, you need to eat them!

*Did you loose weight? How did you do it?

It seems like every day the media tells us this is good for you, or this used to be good for you, but now it's bad. The consistent message is that everyone has questions about food.

See how simple you can make nutrition! We are overwhelmed by information and misinformation and have forgotten the simple fundamentals. Nutrition facts don't often change.

Stop and Think

Stop and think about it - most people understand what their body needs. Use these simple nutrition facts to eat simple, whole, fresh, real food.

Water - 60% of your body is water and is needed for your brain, blood, lungs and kidney to function. You are not made up of fruit punch, energy drinks or soda. Drink actual water.

Energy - Carbohydrates provide your body with energy. Low carbs=low energy. Look for whole grains and low glycemic values. Believe it or not, but your body needs fats for energy and tissue repair. Cut down on saturated fats and transfats.

Fruits and vegetables - Eat them in their fresh whole glorious form to take advantage of their vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Step away from the apple juice and grab an actual apple.

Protein - Beans, nuts, whole grains, seeds and soy

Don't forget vitamins and micro-nutrients. It's important for vegetarians to get enough vitamin B12.

You can start to simplify your eating patterns. Although, sometimes, you really do need that cupcake!

You Don't See Animal Protein on the List

Compare real animal protein with soy/grain substitutes. It's your choice, be a Smart Vegetarian.

Calories Fat Cholesterol Carbs Fiber Protein
4oz Ground Veggie Crumbles 120 1g 0 12 6 26g
4oz Broiled 95% Lean Hamburger 193 7.4g 86mg 0 0 29.7g
Veggie Chicken Nuggets 180 7g 0g 17g 3g 14g
Chicken Nuggets 275 17.3g 42g 16.1g 0 14.3g

I personally don't often buy "fake" meat. I prefer to substitute:

1) Nuts (1 oz averages 5 gr protein)

2) Seeds (1/4 cup averages 8.5 gr protein)

3) Legumes (1 cup averages 15gr protein)

4) Grains (1 cup of quinoa has 9 gr protein

5) Add eggs and reduced fat dairy

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