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Mindful Eating
Did You Enjoy Every Bite?

Mindful Eating is not on your mind when you eat fast.

The University of Rhode Island studied how much we eat and how fast. Fast eaters consumed 3.1 oz per minute, while slow eaters ate 2.0 oz. of food per minute.

Higher the BMI, Body Mass Index- the faster the subjects ate. Whole grain foods took longer to eat than refined foods (and take longer to digest)

If you are attempting to loose weight, don't trust your current food preferences; that's why you gained the weight in the first place. Retraining your food preferences takes time.

The one thing you can do to give yourself the best chance of success is to be patient. Changing eating habits, just like changing any other habit, takes time.

If you don't push yourself too hard, too fast, you most likely will not suffer as many setbacks and therefore are less likely to give up.

Are We Made That Way?

Table Setting

Dr. Palmiero Monteleone ran a small study which appears in the June issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

He tested the theory that humans are hardwired to over eat. Mindful eating didn't have a place in early human evolution. We ate as much as possible while food was available to overcome the times when food was scarce.

Now, of course, most of us have cheap and plentiful food at hand. Portion sizes are huge. Doesn't it seem that everything is against you when trying to eat sensibly? It just becomes very hard not to overeat."

Our brain tells us to eat more for "fun" rather than just eat for "survival". There are physiological and psychological drives that control the way we look at food. We always have room for that second helping of our favorite foods!

Look at Quality Rather Than Quantity

Don't just want to loose weight; instead, want to eat a nutritious diet. Look for quality and freshness rather than quantity.

Portion control will reduce your calories; then go for better nutritional quality. Deprivations and self-criticism aren't helping. Most overweight people love food- live to eat - not eat to live! My favorite fridge magnet of all time "My Fridge Says Nice Things to Me."

Try this "mind trick": Put a small serving of food on your plate and cut it into small pieces. One serving cut into multiple, bite-sized pieces looks larger and seems more filling than the same portion in one large piece. It's the same theory of eating from smaller plates. Your mind sees a larger quantity of food.

The Zen of Mindful Eating. Mindful Eaters deliberately pay attention to what they are eating (external stimulus) and how their bodies feel (internal processing). Eat your small pieces of quality food mindfully.

Teens Eating Veggies

Eat Slow
Learn to Listen to Your Body, Not Your Brain

Instead of eating as fast as possible, which can be a habit or because you skipped meals and hungar is taking over. Learn to listen to your body and stop eating before you are stuffed, and not when the plate is empty.

Jan Chozen Bays' book Mindful Eating talks about how the 1st bite of a treat is wonderful. But, each bite after that becomes less yummy. By the end, you realize the plate is empty and you barely remember eating it. Somehow, food and eating cause unhappiness.

I have come to the conculsion that food itself isn't the problem, the problem is my mind. If I slow down, eat mindfully and listen to my body, I can loose weight.

Don't multi-task - look at the colors, feel the textures, taste the flavors and stop before you are at Thanksgiving dinner fullness. You won't be disappointed, dissatisfied, or deprived. What does half full feel like?

I'm a big fan of eating, but, mindless eating just won't do. I want to enjoy every bite and not feel bloated with indigestion at the end of dinner.

My fridge can say nice things to me; but I will really listen, taste and enjoy with a healthier relationship to food.

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