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Low Carb Vegetarian Diet
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Asparagus and Tomatoes Low Carb Veg

A low carb vegetarian diet includes more protein. Many people naturally loose weight while eating vegetarian. But, if you are one of the "carb-aholics", then you may need a more structured eating plan to loose weight.

Carbohydrates, the most common of the three energy sources we get from food (the others are fat and protein), is found in almost everything we eat- in grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits. They are essential to good health — as long as you stick to the good sources and steer clear of the bad ones

Remember, calories still matter. A good carbohydrate is the one with a lower calorie density—which means fewer calories per bite.

Reducing your carb intake will improve water retention and the swollen "carb belly" feeling. Many people with arthritis can stop taking aspirin for their joints when reducing carbs.

Experts agree that processed foods, sweetened beverages and refined grains such as white bread, pasta, flour and rice (which are stripped of their nutrients) are among the worst kinds of carbohydrate-rich foods you can eat.

Four main factors determine the quality of a carb:

  • dietary fiber (the more the better)
  • how fast it makes your blood sugar rise (aka glycemic index, the lower the better)
  • whole-grain content (the more the better)
  • structure (if it's liquid, milled or pulverized, it's not as good).

When planning your low carb vegetarian diet, choose those foods with lower carbs. Carrots and potatoes are high, but green beans and broccoli are low. Read the labels and make sure you stay in the carb range that is best for your weight loss program. To get to net carbs, subtract fiber since it minimally affects blood sugar.

Glycemic Index

Broccoli Low Glycemic Veg

Glycemic index refers to a food's ability to raise blood sugar to a particular level within a given period of time. Glycemic index applies only to carbohydrate foods because they are the foods that most affect blood sugar levels.

Keep to a low carb vegetarian diet because carbs that lead to rapid increase in blood sugar should be avoided. Eat the right carbs to keep your blood sugar balanced and reduce your diabetic risk.

Choose items with less sugar — aim for 4 grams or less — and more dietary fiber. And no, brown sugar and honey aren't metabolized any differently than the white stuff

Cheese Slices


Protein is necessary to form and maintain cells, tissues and muscles and is the building block of the body. Keep in mind that proteins are required for strong muscles and a sound immune and hormonal system.

Protein is made up of chains of amino acides. For each protein, there are specific amino acides in a specific amount, and they are joined in a unique order. This is what makes chicken different from cheese. There are 22 amino acids and eight of these are called the essential amino acids because they can't be made by the body and must be provided by the diet.

Braggs Liquid Aminos is an all purpose seasoning made from soy protein. It is a gluten free natural soy sauce alternative that contains 16 amino acids. 1/2 tsp. contains 0 calories, 0 fat, 160mg of sodium, 100mg of sodium and 310mg protein. Use it as part of your low carb vegetarian diet by adding to vegetables. It tastes almost like soy sauce; but with much less sodium.

High Protein Low Carb Foods

Enough of the science, down to the way to eat high protein and low carb. Note that Net Carbs is Carb-Fiber.

Food Quantity Protein Net Carbs
egg whole 1 4.8g 0.3g
skim milk 1 cup 8.7g 12.3
fat free cottage cheese 1/2 cup 12g 8g
cottage cheese 2% 1/2 cup 15.5g 4.1g
soft cheese (mozzarella,brie) 1 oz 8.9g 0g
soft cheese low fat 1 oz 6.9g 0.8g
medium cheese fat free (cheddar,swiss) 1 oz 6.4g 3.8g
medium cheese low free (cheddar,swiss) 1 oz 6.9g 0.5g
hard cheese fat free(parmesan) 1 oz 6.4g 3.8g
hard cheese low free(parmesan) 1 oz 7.7g .06g
tofu (firm nigari) 1/2 cup 10.3g 1g
tofu (soft nigari) 1/2 cup 16.2g 4g
soy milk low fat plain 1 cup 6g 7g
soy milk low fat vanilla 1 cup 6g 9g
soy milk plain 1 cup 7g 7g
soy milk vanilla 1 cup 6g 9g
almonds dry roasted 1 oz 6.3g 2.2
peanuts dry roasted 1 oz 6.7g 3.8
sunflower seeds dry roasted 1/4 cup 5.5g 3.6

When starting the low carb vegetarian diet, keep to 20g of carbs per day. Adjust this amount as you determine how your body feels and how much weight you loose.

Here's a little secret for reducing the affect that carbs have on your blood sugar: add a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar to your food. A teaspoon added to your whole wheat pasta will reduce any insulin spikes up to 1/3rd!

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