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Keep it Simple
Long Term Weight Loss

Keep it simple isn't easy. Long term weight loss isn't a diet; it's a life style change. How often have I told myself that?

It hasn't changed in a hundred years: eat fewer calories than you use up.

I don't believe it makes alot of difference in which "diet" you go on, just stick to it!

Healthy Apple

It's Not the Diet, It's What Happens Next

The diet wars aren't pretty. Comparing low-fat, low-carb, or low-glycemic-index has never been easier. What's interesting is how they are basically all the same in the end. Eventually they transition to eating more vegetables, fruits and lean protein and reduce saturated and trans-fats.

The dieter is paralyzed as a result of having way too much information. Keep it simple. Calories drive weight loss, to loose a pound a week, eat 500 fewer calories every day.

I need to loose weight. Which diet should I choose? I can test drive various diets and choose the one where I feel the best and can stick to for the long term. My weight loss story? Keep it simple and it can last.

How to Stick to a Diet

Eat at the Table

    1) Don't go on a diet. You heard right, it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.

    2) Know what motivates you. Remind yourself every day why you want to loose weight.

    3) Weigh every day. Keep yourself accountable. You may not want to tell someone else your exact weight, but you should know.

    4) Eating over the sink, in front of the TV, at your desk are forbidden. Sit down at a table and pay attention to your food, how it tastes, how it feels in your mouth. Be mindful.

    5) Stop looking for the perfect diet or combination. Just start.

    6) Make your new lifestyle a habit. It takes 21 days to make a new habit.

    7) Don't go all or nothing. Remember- it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.

    8) Start today- clean out your kitchen

    9) You are in charge. Eat your comfort foods in moderation. Why not change your comfort foods- raspberries instead of ice cream.

    10) Find a few things you like and rotate them. Too many choices can be too tempting. And, in reality, makes it too difficult. K(eep) I(t) S(imple) S(weetie) KISS yourself healthy.

    11) Many dieters feel tired and cranky. Remember that 1/2 cup of rice = 300 calories, but 1/2 cup of spinach = 15 calories. Eat enough. In the long term, it's easier to reduce your calories 500 per day than to eat only 500 calories a day

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