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How To Be Healthy
with Healthy Food

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There is a way for each individual to learn how to be healthy. Physicians can't stop you from smoking, eating too much (even with gastric bypass surgery, it it possible to gain the weight back), or eating unhealthy food.

Here are 5 simple concepts that reduce stress on your body. Healthy eating is a way of life. The Smart Vegetarian has made a big commitment to eat a plant based diet.

5 Simple Ideas To Reduce Stress On Your Body

1) Eat organic as often as possible. Apples, peppers, celery, cherries, grapes, lettuce, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, spinach and strawberries contin the highest level of pesticides.

2) Don't eat processed or fast foods. Cooking from scratch takes more planning, but the freshness is worth it. Healthy eating is easier if you start with healthy food

3) Only buy what you are going to eat in the next few days. Don't waste money buying large quantities (I know it looks great!)because fresh fruits and vegetables loose nutrients with age.

4)Shift your body's pH from acidic to an alklaline environment. All food we eat changes our body pH level. Our body constantly fights to neutralize excessive acid and stay at a pH of 7.356. Symptoms of a pH imbalance can be weight problems such as overweight and underweight, as well as other health conditions such as allergies, arthritis, acne and heart attacks.

5) Listen to your mom- chew your food. Follow good habits by chewing your food thoroughly, sitting down to eat, and eating at regular times, your digestion system will thank you.

How to be healthy? Make good choices and your health and well being will improve. To learn more about personal growth, check with Scott at An excellent resource that explains nutrition and what it is all about to achieve optimal health.

Slow Down With Yoga

Yoga at Sunset

Learning how to be healthy is not just about healthy food. Be at peace with the world and understand how to bring balance to your life. Slow down and smell the roses as the saying goes. Take a few minutes everyday to meditate. Learn the ancient secrets of Yoga And Meditation.

Expand your Mind! Discover natural stress relief, improve memory concentration and focus, develop intuition and creativity, regain mastery & control of your thoughts through Yoga & Meditation. Restore balance to your life and realize your full human potential.

Become the Best You Can Be

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