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Cute Baby

Look for BPA free baby products. A new baby brings such joy. Thinking about all the changes a new little one brings can also be over powering.

BPA migrates into food from polycarbonate plastic bottles or the epoxy resin coatings that line canned food. It is shown to interfere with reproductive development in animals, and has been linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes in humans.

Registering for the new bundle of joy is an easy way to select healthy products.

Our new granddaughter used Dr. Brown's. natural flow newborn feeding bottle. She went back and forth between breast feeding and Dr Brown's bottles with no problem. Dr Brown's bottles have a few more pieces which makes for more washing; but they are worth it!

New Born

New teeth are so painful. Look for Green Sprouts Fruit Cool Soothing Teether to help your baby get those new shiny teeth.

Because Green Sprouts only makes healthy products, you never have to be concerned about what you buy. This teether isn't put in the freezer. Put it in the refrigerator to sooth inflamed gums. It's nice to know that it's filled with sterilized water instead of some kind of "gel". BPA, PVC, and nitrosamine free


Kids Cooking

Soon your little one will be eating regular food, well mashed up stuff first. Gerber makes BPA Free 3 Pack of Cutlery Spoons. And the Gerber Graduates BPA Free 2 Pack Safety Fork and Spoon Setare perfect when your toddler wants to eat like a "big girl or boy".

Left Overs

Don't forget the microwave! It's so easy to reuse plastic containers for left overs. Toddlers can be picky eaters; liking one thing today but not tomorrow. Left overs are the norm. But, don't reheat them in plastic containers. The toxins that are released will stay with you long after you forget the food.

Before buying for your baby, look for inert or non-reative products. The best choices for non-reactive products are Earthenware and Ceramic, Enamel, Glass, Bamboo, and Silicone. Moderately reactive products are Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Cast Iron.

Test your baby bottles and food containers for hazardous chemicals with Home Health Chemistry's Test Kits They're safe and easy to use at home as well as simple to understand.

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