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Food for Thought, Issue #008 -- Passion Fuels a Business
August 25, 2012

All of Us Have Two or Three Things That Excite Us.

I created my website about 18 months ago. The Smart Vegetarian is something that excites me and I never run out of things to say. I realized this even more the other day while checking my emails.

First I logged into my Smart Vegetarian email, then into my personal email. As the hour went by and I was going back and forth to check out the most interesting mail to read, I was confused!

My business email and personal email looked almost the same. How did that happen? Well, it seems that I've been signing up for sites because of my website and also my personal site. They have almost become one and the same.

SBI has been a great place for me to start my online business. My interest in my choosen "niche" is still there. Ideas on food and nutrition change almost daily and there is always something else I want to share.

What is your passion? I know you have one or two. Give SBI a try!

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