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Food for Thought, Issue #011 -- New Food Trends 2013
December 02, 2012

New Food Trends 2013

The News Cycle is Short. If You Say It at Noon, It May be"Old" News by Dinner.

Vegetarians will be very happy in 2013. Veggies will be the new star in the center of our plates. Here are my top 10 new food trends for 2013:

1.Veggies are at the center of the plate

2.Grains - old is new again

3.Noodles from far east markets

4.New laws and regulations

5.Technology rules

6.Millenials are the big marketing dream

7.Trade down from casual full service restaurants

8.Small plates

9.Suppliers opening their own stores


What do you think? Am I a crazy foodie, or will we order more veggies, topped with popcorn, on small plates, from a robot?

**Click here to read my justifications**

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