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BPA Free Healthy Steamers

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Save the Nutrients!

Did you know that broccoli loses 86% of its nutrients when cooked in water and 97% in the microwave? After choosing a healthy lifestyle, why loose all the good stuff.

Look for BPA free products for even more healthy cooking. Look for the marking "PC" or No 7 which contains bisphenol a (PBA).

Don't get confused between rice cookers and food steamers. Rice cookers may also be used to cook food, but they tend to be smaller. The rice cookers don't have the capability for cooking several layers with multiple steamer "baskets".

Steaming is no quirky weird fad. The Chinese have used steamers for over 3,000 years. Healthier,more nutritious dishes, may be easily prepared providing colorful,fresh and flavorful food. Besides retaining more nutrients (not soaked in water), steaming requires no extra fat- not even a little olive oil or Pam.

Adding flavorings to the water or by marinating foods prior to cooking.

Rice Cooker or Steamer?

There are several multi-layered food steamers that are BPA-free and can cook several foods at the same time. The lowest tier of the steamer will cook foods more quickly, so use it for larger items.

Nasco 4 Qt Food Steamer is BPA free and dishwasher safe. It's perfect for a single person or a side dish, but may be a little small for a family meal.

Stainless steel is only moderately reactive and is an excellent healthy choice. ThePaula Deen 3 Qt Stainless Steel Steamer is made from a heavyweight stainless steel with a copper bottom. The copper bottom allows the pan to heat up quickly and evenly. For easy use, the handle doesn't get hot. There is only one basket, but it does make enough vegetables for 4 people. You'll be pleasantly surprised how nice this steamer is for the price.

Make sure an read the instructions for cleaning the copper bottom to keep it shiny!

Bamboo Steamers

Bamboo steamers as well as wooden spoons and chopsticks are non-reactive and modestly priced. Boiling food leaches out vitamins and minerals, but steaming preserves them!

The Norpro Bamboo Steamer is 10" in diameter and can cook a whole meal.

Place the bamboo steamer in a wok or frying pan that has a little water in it. Then arrange the food in the steamer, cover, and heat the water. The lowest tier of the steamer will cook foods more quickly, so use it for larger items.

BPA Free Environment

A Few General Rules

Follow these few general rules for perfect results:

1)Use perfect fresh ingredients

2)Make sure the lid fits so the steam doesn't escape

3)Cook foods of similar size together to get it all done at the same time

4)Keep the liquid levels high enough but don't let the food touch the liquid

5)Keep a little space between food items so the steam can circulate freely

6)Follow recommended cooking time, but check to make sure it is cooked to your liking

Be creative and have fun. Your steamed food won't be bland if you add herbs, spices,or wine to the liquid. Citrus juice, garlic or shallots enhance spring veggies. ____________________________________________________________

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